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"the key to fulfillment is growth & Progress..."

Progress Starts Here

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed while you chase your best days? We offer coaching, counseling, seminars, and workshops to help you find your purpose and release the best version of you. You can unlock the keys to personal growth and happiness that comes with grace based progress.

The Mechanics of Progress

Get Unstuck. Get Moving!

Remove the roadblocks, doubts, and excuses that are slowing down your progress. Rush toward your goals with a new level of motivation and clear confidence.

Our coaching & counseling method allows you to make the small pivots that produce lasting progress…

…along with the peace, connection, and life purpose you were created for.

Together, we can help you build a roadmap to navigate life's biggest struggles and become the best version of yourself.

Better Comes before Best

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Better Together

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Accelerated Mastery


Progress is Possible

Maximize your potential & accelerate growth with our proven steps to success. With more than two decades of combined experience, we can help you thrive in every area of your life. 

It’s time to take control of your mental health, find purpose through personal growth, and become the best version of yourself!

"After working as an engineer in the Air Force and private sector, Ehi discovered his passion for coaching..."

He devoted his full energy to learn Christian principles, mindset psychology, business psychology, and organization systems over the course of 10,000+ self-education hours… 

…Ehi uses his 20-year engineering career and background to create structures of learning that quickly install life-changing habits in clients and mentees. 

Ehi specializes in taking complicated ideas and concepts and turning them into high impact step-by-step applications that anyone can follow.

Work with Us

In-Person and Online

Join us for in-person meetings and live events in Wisconsin. We also offer transformative life coaching and counseling over Zoom, so you can make progress from anywhere in the world.

Define the problem and unlock the solution with Better Before Best:

  • Private Life Coaching
  • Professional Counseling
  • Virtual Retreats
  • One-Day Seminars
  • Platinum Life Makeover Program (PLMP)

It all starts with a simple conversation.


Kami, a repeat valedictorian, and licensed professional counselor, brings to our system more than 7,000 counseling hours… 

…Her background in formal counseling allows her to focus on the heart of the matter. 

Kami has the clinical training and professional confidence to tackle paralyzing beliefs and experiences, including severe trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, poor self-image and more.

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