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Hey, we are absolutely thrilled that you have decided to join us on our site…  

…Prepare for an absolutely life-changing journey with us as we compact decades of experience into sizable chunks that –> anyone <– can apply to their lives and achieve amazing results!

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Knowledge Brokers

What is the knowledge broker?  The knowledge broker takes decades of their most successful learning, research, professional experiences, and compresses them into days or even hours of practical techniques and education.  A skilled knowledge broker knows how to connect with tradesmen at the tops of their professional fields and translate the results in ways their clients and associates can thrive from. 

We maximize people’s potential and accelerate their rate of growth.

In an ideal world, we would all have enough time to research, study and practice the skills to unlock our best mental health, best relationships, best spirituality, career, mentality, and peace of mind; however, we simply don’t have that kind of time. The key to accelerated mastery, in an area of life, is watching what the Masters have taken thirty to forty years figuring out and COPY THEM! 


This is where Better Before Best, LLC (B4Best) coaching and counseling absolutely shines!  We bring over two decades of combined experience in the area of self-growth and mental health.  B4Best surgically and quickly deals with underlying beliefs, anxiety, depression, career obstacles, marital hiccups, relationship hampers, and addictions that paralyze the momentum of people’s lives. 

We are passionate about helping people go from stuck to progress as quickly as possible.  We live to see people reaching their peak so they can give their gift back to the world.This is our way, and we’re committed to it, making the world a better place by coaching and counseling people to the best version of themselves in their careers, relationships, and spiritual development. 

Before jumping into the game, let us tell you a bit about us.

Kami-Ann Giwa

Kami is a licensed professional counselor.  She brings over 7000 hours of direct face to face counseling hours supported by formal psychology/counseling degrees to our process.  

Kami has directly worked with individuals dealing with severe trauma, abuse, weight loss, self-esteem, depression and much much more…

…As a repeat valedictorian, she’s mastered the ability to take all she’s learned and compile it in ways that can change lives fast.

Ehi Giwa

Ehi an Air Force veteran and a career engineer, provides over 10,000 hours of combined self the education in the areas of Christianity, business psychology, relationships, mindset psychology, and organization.  

Closing in on 40, he has actively been doing life coaching since the age of 27.  Has successfully coached Adolescents, Teenagers, Collegiate Students, Career professionals, Doctors, Engineers, Investors, Singles, and Couples.  The strategy, though tailored to each person’s desired outcome, consists of demolishing anxiety, fear, phobias, indecision, communication blocks, and restoring progress in the critical areas of life…  

…Using an engineer’s mind for how things work, he models and systemizes what the successful are doing to achieve success into practical steps his clients can implement. 

Here's the icing on the cake, if you like cake. 😊

Ehi and Kami have come together pulling from all the resources of their past experiences, combined them with the teaching of mentors, doctors, business professionals, and most brilliant minds they are connected to, to layout a sure roadmap to progress for people’s lives no matter the age, sex or race.

They specialize in collecting knowledge from the best of the best, no matter the cost!  Then they combine what they learn with their own twenty-plus years of experience to produce simple strategies anyone can utilize to take their life from wherever they are stuck toward the best version they can offer the world. 

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This is us and we are Better Before Best.


Removing every roadblock that keeps people from progressing towards the best version of themselves.

We believe the rush of progress in a person’s Relationships, Family, Finances, and Spirituality produces true, lasting, life-changing happiness.  The better version of themselves a person becomes, the better world they help create and remember Better comes Before Best.

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